Monday, March 22, 2010

Time for the Long Anticipated First Post

Hello family! As you know, I have returned from "saving the world" and I am back at the Delta Sigma Phi house in Manhattan (if you didn't know I joined a fraternity at semester, I did). Here are the updates of my semester, pre Guatemala:
  • I am no longer pursuing a Secondary Education Mathematics degree. I am now in the Open Options program which basically means I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I am looking into Personal Finance, Social Work (random?), or something with Education. I will update you one this search as it develops.
  • I pretty much bleed purple. A member of my fraternity (see above) schedules tours for smart prospective students and chooses me to give tours most of the time. During one tour, I was offered money for doing such a great job (take that Sara).
  • I was involved with K-State Proud. Proud is a student led campaign at K-State. We raised over $95,000 to give back to students in the form of Student Opportunity Awards. Students give money to help other students stay at K-State. It is the only philanthropy like it in the nation and I served on the advisory board.
  • In continuation of bleeding purple, I sat front row mid court for the K-State vs KU basketball game. Despite the outcome it was still a great time, plus I do believe we are the only school in the state still playing basketball.
  • I went to Texas to visit Jessica and watch her in Sing! because I am the greatest sibling ever. I also went to Nebraska to watch K-State destroy Nebraska, but failed to see Megan which was sad. Then I went to KC before break to see everyone and the Women's Big 12 Tournament. Jessica, I don't know how you beat dad and I. I want a recount!
  • Also, K-State basketball is rolling and I am enjoying the ride. We beat Baylor for a second time this season during the Big 12 Tournament. We also advanced to the Sweet 16! Everyone is really happy in Manhattan right now and it is so fun to be around.

Now time to talk about Guatemala:

This was the view that I had every day as we drove to Balcones de Palin. That is a volcano for portions of the family that may confuse that for a snow topped mountain. Guatemala is in Central America (between Mexico and South America) and rarely receives snow, making the obvious choice for this peak to be a volcano. It is still active and could blow at any moment. Luckily, it choose not to while we were there.

This is a picture of part of the community of Balcones de Palin. Many homes are made out of scraps found around the community or have been built by teams from Eastminster. This road was a typical road before Eastminster started building roads in the community. one of our tasks this week was to build a road which we nearly finished. When I wasn't building a road, I was either playing with kids or walking through the community.

The child on my shoulder was named Jawani (I don't really know how to spell it). He is a troubled kid in the community and took a liking in me. For some reasons troubled children like me, I don't get it. So I hung out with him a lot and he helped with road construction some.

It was another awesome week in Balcones and I am already missing it. My spanish skills came back again really quick and I was looked to as a translator often. I have so many other great stories, but I have already kept you all reading for too long. Sorry for the length of the post, but you had been begging for an update.

Love you all!


  1. Great update. I'll post to everyone what I'm going to do when I grow up once I figure it out. Go Cats!!!! (and Bears)

  2. Raise your hand if you knew more than one bullet point... anybody? anybody? Bueller? See, that's why we need a blog :)

  3. Nice Ferris Bueller's Day Off reference. And I think I knew more than two.

  4. Yeah.. I was 1 for 6.

  5. I was 6 for 6, but then again I carried the child in my womb for more than 9 months so we have an exceptional connection. I cannot say the same for Sara and Megan as they chose to leave the womb early. However, Jessica you enjoyed the warmth of my womb until we "forced" you to leave.

  6. I was 5 for 6, I didnt know he was bleeding purple these days.. and quite frankly Kyle, you should see a doctor when that stuff starts happening