Tuesday, March 30, 2010


At Delta Sig we have a tradition that the pledges go on a trip to a different chapter in the country. The goal is to "sneak" out of the house and leave for the weekend without the actives knowing. My pledge class decided to go to Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. I had never been to Indiana and visiting all 50 states is on my bucket list so I was all for this. We watched the greatest basketball game of the year on Thursday as K-State beat Xavier in double overtime and then we headed to Purdue at midnight. Obviously starting the drive at midnight we had to rotate drivers and have the others sleep. It was a long drive, but very entertaining. I drove from the middle of Illinois to Indianapolis. We decided to stop in Indianapolis because it is home to the Delta Sigma Phi National Headquarters, Taggart Mansion.

This is a few of my pledge brothers and part of our pledge committee in front of Taggart Mansions "throwing up" the Delta Sig hand sign. Indianapolis is also home to this years Final Four, so as we drove around downtown Indy we saw lots of cool Final Four signs. Knowing K-State had to win one more game to make it to Indy we were all pretty excited about a possible trip back.

This is one of the many cool Final Four signs. With K-State's loss to Butler I will no longer be enjoying the Final Four in Indianapolis...maybe next year? From Indianapolis we drove to Purdue and hung out there for the weekend. I had a great time bonding with guys in the house and hanging out in Purdue. They have a really cool house and Purdue is the 3rd largest greek system in the country. That was my weekend!

In other news, I had an interview for Student Foundation on Monday. Student Foundation is an organization that puts on philanthropies on campus and also works with distinguished alumni. I would love to be involved with this organization. I don't know how well the interview went, but I find out on Wednesday! I will let you know. Also, I have initiation week starting on Sunday! I am almost done!

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