Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello my precious blueberries!!

I don't normally watch Community (Thursday, NBC) but I happen to catch it last week. It is a show about a group of people in community college, and this weeks episode was about beginning pottery class. It was hilarious. Sara even posted part of the episode on my facebook wall.

Yesterday I told all of my classes to go home and watch it. Two of my students came to school today with a new poster for my wall. If you watch the whole episode you will know why it's funny!!

Here is a close up (yes, that is a NSYNC valentine):

Also... I need you vote!! Our sample tiles came in for the bathroom. The big, neutral tile will be on the floor and 2 walls of the shower. The glass tile will be on the big shower wall and a boarder on the other 2 walls. So, which one do you like? Grey, Yellow, Green or Blue??


  1. I think the grey - I know it's more boring than the other colors, but you could accent with different colors of towels etc. If you go with the blue or green you're stuck with a blue or green bathroom. The yellow doesn't have enough of the contrast. And that's my design experience talking - which we know what that's worth :)

  2. hilarious. I like all of them. you should do them all.

  3. I think you might skip the 'especially male on male' because that might not be PC.