Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday update

Kyle made it home safe. Mom and I are going to go look at model homes to get ideas for the bathroom remodel. Yes we are remodeling the bathroom. Maybe that is today's update. We are remodeling the bathroom. Now you know.


  1. Yes! Remodeling the bathroom! We are having some contractors come by Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to give us prices for our bathroom remodels. I'm hoping to get someone to come in and demo everything, lay tile on the floor and shower surround, install a bathtub, toilet, sinks and vanity, and clean up after themselves for just under $10.

    Kyle- now that you are back from saving the world you can start blogging with us!!

  2. Dad-make the bathtub bigger with some type of chocolate dispensing contraption. That would be nice.

    Yes, Kyle! Start blogging! But don't make your sisters look bad...

  3. Adding "Dove's Dark Chocolate and Cabernet Wine" to requirements list.