Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guess what I found...

Whoa! Our blog just got AWESOME!! Nice work, Rachel!
Today I applied for a summer job in Waco and got a call back. I think I have an informative meeting/interview tomorrow. This is good news. I would like a job. I'm kind of skeptical about the job though--it's doing marketing stuff for a Greek directory that seems to be going nowhere.
Also, I was on the Facebook today, and I found these photos from our Big 12 weekend in Kansas City.

Courtney may have made out with the guy in the red pom-pom hair. His cousin looks like an overweight Apollo Ohno, right???

Here's Courtney being told she can't be on stage with her drink. She was really confused and kind of mad because she thought he was kicking her off.
Sara, look what you missed out on!!!


  1. I really enjoyed that tournament and weekend. I think we might buy tickets again next year and plan more family events around the tournament. And Courtney will forever be an honorary member of the family for Big 12 Tournament Weekend. And the other 51 weekends of the year too.

  2. Bonus fatherly advice to Jessica....

    Don't settle for a job. Go find something you'll enjoy and will allow you to use your talents.

    Is it ok to distribute wise dad advice here?

  3. instead of only the women's tournament we should try to get at least one round of the men's too. K-State will be better than we are this year next year and it would be so fun to watch them in the big 12 tourney!!!!

  4. Sisterly advice to Jessica.....

    Don't out your friend for making out with a stranger on a blog!! He was pretty cute/weird though.