Hello!  Here is a little about me:


I am a high school art teacher in Columbus, Nebraska.  I love my job very much, especially in the summer. I think high school students are funny and they think I am funny (or at least pretend) so we get along pretty good.  Right now I'm teaching intro to art, pottery and advanced pottery but next year I will be adding painting to my rockin' schedule.

I am getting married!!  On December 11th I will be tying the knot with a silly man named Robert Danner.  I've always wanted to marry a doctor!!! Robert has his own computer company so he is kind of like a doctor of computers and after we get married my name will be Megan Danner (M.D.) so I'm basically getting exactly what I wanted.

We are so cute!  My dark hair is not.  Don't worry, I'm back to blonde.

I just bought an amazing new sectional!  I love it!!  I got it to go in the totally retro house Robert and I just bought and moved into.  It was built in the 70's and has never been updated.  So far we have gotten new carpet in the bedrooms, installed a dishwasher, range and hooded microwave, and I have done a lot of painting!!  Our next big projects are the bathrooms.  I consider myself a pretty good interior designer because I watch more HGTV than anyone should be allowed to watch so it has been fun making our house colorful and cute.  And I sure do mean COLORFUL!!!

This is me and my coworkers at my totally 70's themed house warming party in my totally 70's blue bathroom.

Robert and I don't live alone in our totally fab house.  We (I) have two cats:  Tramp Joey McGomery III and Wigglewert (he only needs one name, like Madonna).  They are super cute and fun to have around.

Note to anyone wanting to get a black cat: They are so cute but not photogenic AT ALL!!  Wigglewert is on the left, Tramp on the right.

I love to paint furniture in my spare time.  I'm working on finishing my kitchen table and chairs (so far it's been a 2 year project!).  I will sell my stuff and even make it custom, like this awesome Husker chair!!

Now that you know a little about me, meet the rest of my family to figure out where all my crazy comes from (it's a tie: Sara and Dad)!  You can try to guess which family member I like to shop with (mom) and which one would be sitting in the car (Jessica).  And whenever I have a nice girl in one of my classes, you can guess I'm going to try to send her to K-State and set her up with this family member (Kyle).