Wednesday, March 31, 2010

work, work, work

So I got an e-mail today from Baylor Law School's Marketing Department saying they'd like to hire me on as an unpaid intern... no money.
I also got an e-mail mere hours after my interview with DSNews. They said they wanted me to create an ad for them so they could "see what I got" and let me see if I like it. If I do well, they may hire me... as an unpaid intern... no money.
Oh to be valued.

Anyway, here's the ad I created. I like it:

Sorry it's not a cute cat or anything...

P.S. I called Megan today (don't get mad Sara). I asked her what she was up to and she told me she was about to go write a post for the blog. And though we talked for a good 5-10 minutes, everything she wrote in her post was news to me... Anyone else sense the irony? :)

Student Foundation

Today after my classes two men walked into our house holding letters. They came up to my room and handed one of the two letters to me. Both of the men were from Student Foundation (the group I had my interview for on Monday). I opened my letter and the first word was CONGRATULATIONS! I made it into Student Foundation!!! I am super excited about this. I get to stay involved on campus and be in touch with a lot of rich alumni. Can someone say networking? It is the group I really wanted to be a part of and I got in! I thought I would share the good news!


Last Saturday we met my friend Tarin and her boyfriend in Omaha and saw Alegria-Cirque de Soleil. It was really neat and crazy. Robert's favorite part were the clowns that were basically time wasters between the real acts. I told him next time I would just take him to the circus because those tickets are ALOT cheaper. Then today I was in the office at school and noticed a sign that said, "Free tickets to the CIRCUS!" with a bunch of tickets next to it. It made me laugh, but I didn't pick any up. I guess he will have to wait until next year!

Robert's friend Kevin and his family are staying with us this week. They are visiting from Oklahoma. Last night we decided to tear down the wall between our kitchen and living room. Here is a picture of Robert "managing" the project:

And here is a picture of Dad's favorite super hero who came by to help out:

My work week is over and I'm excited to get some house stuff done in the next 5 days! I will post if I have any good "after" pictures!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


At Delta Sig we have a tradition that the pledges go on a trip to a different chapter in the country. The goal is to "sneak" out of the house and leave for the weekend without the actives knowing. My pledge class decided to go to Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. I had never been to Indiana and visiting all 50 states is on my bucket list so I was all for this. We watched the greatest basketball game of the year on Thursday as K-State beat Xavier in double overtime and then we headed to Purdue at midnight. Obviously starting the drive at midnight we had to rotate drivers and have the others sleep. It was a long drive, but very entertaining. I drove from the middle of Illinois to Indianapolis. We decided to stop in Indianapolis because it is home to the Delta Sigma Phi National Headquarters, Taggart Mansion.

This is a few of my pledge brothers and part of our pledge committee in front of Taggart Mansions "throwing up" the Delta Sig hand sign. Indianapolis is also home to this years Final Four, so as we drove around downtown Indy we saw lots of cool Final Four signs. Knowing K-State had to win one more game to make it to Indy we were all pretty excited about a possible trip back.

This is one of the many cool Final Four signs. With K-State's loss to Butler I will no longer be enjoying the Final Four in Indianapolis...maybe next year? From Indianapolis we drove to Purdue and hung out there for the weekend. I had a great time bonding with guys in the house and hanging out in Purdue. They have a really cool house and Purdue is the 3rd largest greek system in the country. That was my weekend!

In other news, I had an interview for Student Foundation on Monday. Student Foundation is an organization that puts on philanthropies on campus and also works with distinguished alumni. I would love to be involved with this organization. I don't know how well the interview went, but I find out on Wednesday! I will let you know. Also, I have initiation week starting on Sunday! I am almost done!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A typical Friday night

On Friday night I went to a friends house for dinner. On my way there I noticed I was running out of gas. Since I like living on the edge, (and I was hungry,) I decided to fill up after dinner.

I got back in my car after a yummy salad and noticed I only had 4 miles to get to a gas station. I was confident I could do it. After consulting my iphone, I made my way to a Shell station just up the street. While I was driving, I noticed that the miles were going quickly and got a little nervous that I was going to be stranded. With the Shell station in sight, I hit 0 miles until empty and cruised into the station just in the nick of time.

I pulled up to the first pump, got out of the car, put in the pump and ran my credit card, relieved that I had made it. To my dismay, the pump was broken. I began to sweat, worried that my car was not going to even start because I had no gas left. I started the car successfully and celebrated as I pulled forward to the pump in front of me... then I heard a BOOM.

I got out of the car quickly to see what had happened and noticed a giant hose hanging from my gas tank. I had forgotten to put the pump back, and it had disconnected from the top of the station and was hanging out of my car. A crazy man came up to me and yelled "what the hell did you just do?" I said, "I think I forgot to put the pump back." He said, "If I were you, I would get out of here quick!" I looked at him sadly and quietly whispered, "I dont have any gas..."

I decided to demonstrate accountability, (Target terminology,) and go inside to see what I needed to do, plus I didnt really have another choice. The second I walked in the man looked and me and said, "I saw what you did." I said I was sorry and he then told me the fine would be 30 dollars. My initial reaction was, where will this fall in my budget? Gas? Car Repair? I decided on entertainment, since that is where I usually categorize money that is spent on doing stupid things and making a fool of myself, (see previous post about martinis.) I asked the clerk to ring me up for gas, (on the pump that still had the hose) with the fine and he ran my card. He handed it back and told me that because I was brave and came in to tell him about the incident he wasn't going to charge me for it, and just rang me for the gas.

I walked back to my car, wrapped the hose up and placed it on the now really broken pump. Then, very carefully, I filled up my car, returned the pump to its proper place and drove away. I am 362 miles away from my next trip to the gas station. Wish me luck...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Anyone else immediately think of the Saved By The Bell episode when Jessie OD's on caffeine pills? I did!

So... I applied for an internship with Baylor Law School's Marketing Department, and I have an interview with them tomorrow morning! It's only a 4 week internship though.
I also applied for an Art Director internship (which has a good chance of turning into a full time job) at DS News yesterday, and I am working on scheduling an interview with them next week!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm actually generating interest!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come and see how good I look!

My Online Portfolio

P.S. Click on the pictures and design pages to enlarge them!! How cool is this???

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh hey pretty blog...

The blog looks good! but not as good as Stella. She is so damn cute.

Anycrap, I feel a little odd writing about my life on a blog, mainly because I do nothing but work and watch my friends get engaged. Here are some updates on my exciting life....

-I am sad for Sandra Bullock
-I had last weekend off. I spent Saturday evening drinking martinis, flirting with a bartender name Casey and fist bumping Northern Iown fans for their win against KU, shouting "that tall guy on your team... he is TALL!" Martinis and I do not get along...
-Glee comes back in 3 weeks. I can not wait.
-I will most likely alway post in lists
-I think Rihannas new song "Rude Boy" is highly inappropriate, kind of disturbing, way too graphic and the best song I have ever heard. I keep singing it out loud at work and fear I may get in trouble if some one catches on to what I am signing.
-I need to take a nap
-My family should move to Kansas City
-Buzz Aldrich cant dance. Like at all
-I am totally team Jacob.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guess what I found...

Whoa! Our blog just got AWESOME!! Nice work, Rachel!
Today I applied for a summer job in Waco and got a call back. I think I have an informative meeting/interview tomorrow. This is good news. I would like a job. I'm kind of skeptical about the job though--it's doing marketing stuff for a Greek directory that seems to be going nowhere.
Also, I was on the Facebook today, and I found these photos from our Big 12 weekend in Kansas City.

Courtney may have made out with the guy in the red pom-pom hair. His cousin looks like an overweight Apollo Ohno, right???

Here's Courtney being told she can't be on stage with her drink. She was really confused and kind of mad because she thought he was kicking her off.
Sara, look what you missed out on!!!

Hello my precious blueberries!!

I don't normally watch Community (Thursday, NBC) but I happen to catch it last week. It is a show about a group of people in community college, and this weeks episode was about beginning pottery class. It was hilarious. Sara even posted part of the episode on my facebook wall.

Yesterday I told all of my classes to go home and watch it. Two of my students came to school today with a new poster for my wall. If you watch the whole episode you will know why it's funny!!

Here is a close up (yes, that is a NSYNC valentine):

Also... I need you vote!! Our sample tiles came in for the bathroom. The big, neutral tile will be on the floor and 2 walls of the shower. The glass tile will be on the big shower wall and a boarder on the other 2 walls. So, which one do you like? Grey, Yellow, Green or Blue??

Monday, March 22, 2010

Time for the Long Anticipated First Post

Hello family! As you know, I have returned from "saving the world" and I am back at the Delta Sigma Phi house in Manhattan (if you didn't know I joined a fraternity at semester, I did). Here are the updates of my semester, pre Guatemala:
  • I am no longer pursuing a Secondary Education Mathematics degree. I am now in the Open Options program which basically means I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I am looking into Personal Finance, Social Work (random?), or something with Education. I will update you one this search as it develops.
  • I pretty much bleed purple. A member of my fraternity (see above) schedules tours for smart prospective students and chooses me to give tours most of the time. During one tour, I was offered money for doing such a great job (take that Sara).
  • I was involved with K-State Proud. Proud is a student led campaign at K-State. We raised over $95,000 to give back to students in the form of Student Opportunity Awards. Students give money to help other students stay at K-State. It is the only philanthropy like it in the nation and I served on the advisory board.
  • In continuation of bleeding purple, I sat front row mid court for the K-State vs KU basketball game. Despite the outcome it was still a great time, plus I do believe we are the only school in the state still playing basketball.
  • I went to Texas to visit Jessica and watch her in Sing! because I am the greatest sibling ever. I also went to Nebraska to watch K-State destroy Nebraska, but failed to see Megan which was sad. Then I went to KC before break to see everyone and the Women's Big 12 Tournament. Jessica, I don't know how you beat dad and I. I want a recount!
  • Also, K-State basketball is rolling and I am enjoying the ride. We beat Baylor for a second time this season during the Big 12 Tournament. We also advanced to the Sweet 16! Everyone is really happy in Manhattan right now and it is so fun to be around.

Now time to talk about Guatemala:

This was the view that I had every day as we drove to Balcones de Palin. That is a volcano for portions of the family that may confuse that for a snow topped mountain. Guatemala is in Central America (between Mexico and South America) and rarely receives snow, making the obvious choice for this peak to be a volcano. It is still active and could blow at any moment. Luckily, it choose not to while we were there.

This is a picture of part of the community of Balcones de Palin. Many homes are made out of scraps found around the community or have been built by teams from Eastminster. This road was a typical road before Eastminster started building roads in the community. one of our tasks this week was to build a road which we nearly finished. When I wasn't building a road, I was either playing with kids or walking through the community.

The child on my shoulder was named Jawani (I don't really know how to spell it). He is a troubled kid in the community and took a liking in me. For some reasons troubled children like me, I don't get it. So I hung out with him a lot and he helped with road construction some.

It was another awesome week in Balcones and I am already missing it. My spanish skills came back again really quick and I was looked to as a translator often. I have so many other great stories, but I have already kept you all reading for too long. Sorry for the length of the post, but you had been begging for an update.

Love you all!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More fun blog stuff...

Hey family. You can create a page all about you!! Just click on your picture to the right and then click the pencil. Then you can write stuff about you and publish it. I't's pretty easy to add pictures too, just click on the button above your text box that looks like a beautiful landscape. I already published mine so you can take a peek to get inspired!! Happy typing!

Sunday update

Kyle made it home safe. Mom and I are going to go look at model homes to get ideas for the bathroom remodel. Yes we are remodeling the bathroom. Maybe that is today's update. We are remodeling the bathroom. Now you know.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ok people....

Nobody mess with the settings. Don't remove Rachel. She is going to make our blog cute and needs administrative approval to do it. When she is all done she wont be on the blog anymore.

I think I can post as dad now... testing 1, 2, 3

But not sure who Sarah and Rachel are yet.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Goodbye old friend

Today I got the big mole on my head removed. You may remember it. It was about the size of a quarter. My lovely soon-to-be wife was concerned that it would be a distraction at the wedding so she ever so politely asked me to get it removed. I tried to tell her that all of the qualities she loves about me are connected to this mole but she didn't believe me and told me to "get that bitch chopped off pronto." When I told her that I am a bleeder and removing it might cause damage and/or death she replied, "I'll take the risk." For my last attempt I told her that this mole was attached to my brain and removing it might cause me some brain damage. She scheduled me an appointment.

Good bye my old friend. I will be reunited with you and my right shin one day in heaven.


Did everyone fill out a bracket?? Isn't it like tradition....?

Dad and Kyle still owe me $5 for winning the Big 12 Tourny pool. Easy money...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I got a call from Ida's today... My dress is in!! I will have to make another trip to KC soon to see it!!!
Well - last but not least I figured it out :) Not that I have anything too exciting to add. Just finished working out and getting ready to go "shopping" with dad. (There are some days that I really miss my daughters). Spring break has got me thinking about summer. Any great ideas? Just something to think about. Hope everyone has a great St. Pattie's day!

PS I changed my color to brown because the yellow is too hard to read.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How many posts do we get a day???

I'm so proud of my kids. One is excited about a test being canceled so she can go to St. Patrick's day. One can't spell Groovy. One calls her students smart asses. At least the male off-spring is doing a good deed over spring break.

I hope Megan misses her team's first softball game.


I'm so excited that we started a blog!! Now I can share all of my thoughts and feelings. Here is what is going on in my life: I got a bunch of new students on Monday. They are crazy, creepy and cool. I think my classes will be ok. I had to ask one student on Monday to give me a day before he started being a smart ass. He gave me exactly one day. Also, I think I am going to coach a softball team this summer. I think that will be really fun because I've been missing softball a lot lately.

To end my very first blog post I would like share a picture of Sara's feelings about love.

Gooooood News!

So, I had two tests scheduled for this Thursday--one really easy one and one really hard one. I just found out this morning that my hard one is moved to next week.

Wednesday is St. Patrick's day and one of the local bars has karaoke Wednesday's. Now I don't have to miss out. :) Gooooood News!

A couple weeks ago I had a test in my Journalism Law and Ethics class. I got an 87. I decided to "argue my case" for more points on the essay portion, you know, because it is a law class after all.

Professor sent me an e-mail saying he gave me back 4 points. My test grade is now a 91. Gooooood News!

I should learn to read the entire e-mail

I just spent 20 minutes creating an account so I can create a new post but could only do a reply. Then I read Jessica's entire e-mail and saw I had to sign on with the proper account. There is 20 minutes of my work life I'll never get back.

Location update - at work not working. Soon to be home.

I did become a follower and updated my profile pic. I am impressed by that actually.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What up blog world?!?!?!

I have a few things to say. I am going to list them as to not confuse people (Megan)
1. I hope you can post picture on here, cause Stella is being really cute (Like always.)
2. I am glad we have started a blog, I have very important things to say.
3. Jessica-thank you for making my color black, I would never remember to change the font color.
4. Remember that time that Dad missed Megans first varsity softball game?
5. I am going to post this now. Jessica-time to edit.

Welcome from Jessica

There's been talk that we should start a family blog to help us keep in touch. Maybe we can get on here and post every so often. This way we will know what is going on in everyone's lives and we can also know of any traveling plans or location changes.

Also, so we don't get confused, I thought it might be best that we all write in our "assigned colors." I'll write in red, Kyle writes in green, Megan writes in blue (Robert can use a different shade of blue if he wants), Sara writes in black, Dad writes in purple--for obvious reasons and Mom can write in gold.

So, for the first location update:
-Kyle is in Guatemala
-Megan is in Nebraska with the Rob
-Jessica is in Waco
-Mom and Dad are in Andover
-Sara is in Target