Sunday, March 27, 2011

The DIY Network

This morning I turned on the DIY network and we watched it all day. It got us inspired to start up some house stuff again. Luckily we had a few small projects that we could finish in an afternoon.

The first project was to hang our new chandelier. After a year of looking for chandeliers online and not knowing what I wanted, I actually found one at Menards! I had seen it before and liked it but wasn't sure if it was what I wanted, but yesterday I decided to give it a shot---- mainly because it was about half the price of most of the chandeliers I liked online.

After hanging and admiring our amazing new light we wanted to do more! We decided to hang the shelves we got in November when we went up to Minnesota and took a trip to Ikea. Originally, we were going to put the shelves up in the office but I changed my mind and we hung them on the wall next to the kitchen table. Now I need to get more picture frames--- but for now I put up every frame I could find in the house so I could see what it's going to look like.

Here are the pics:

I need to get some bigger picture frames to fill in the space. I'm going to stick with white, black and silver frames. I'm also really excited to be able to display the wedding mirrors. The only thing left to do in this room is get/make curtains for the sliding door, base boards, paint the last 2 chairs and get the table painted black!

On to another subject, I sent Robert to the store today to get oreos and he didn't buy double stuffed? What the hell? Who doesn't buy double stuffed? Who is this guy I married?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Internet Stalking

Hello Family! I got the interweb this week! hooray!

Story time....

I was on a date a few days ago and we started talking about facebook. I admitted that I had facebook stalked him the day before and told him that I expected that he did the same. He told me that he had not looked me up on facebook, but he did google me and found a "very interesting family blog." He went on to tell me that I do not post enough and that it seems my sister is really into fixing up her house. I found this hilarious, and started to tell him the story of how outsiders have been reading the blog because of email alerts that get sent when you type key words like William Jewell College... his response? "Yeah, I know. You blogged about that."

Internet dating just isn't what it used to be...

Pics of the apartment to come... eventually. Or you can just come visit me...St Louis is awesome.

Im getting another cat. Don't tell Stella, she's going to flip out.