Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Internet Stalking

Hello Family! I got the interweb this week! hooray!

Story time....

I was on a date a few days ago and we started talking about facebook. I admitted that I had facebook stalked him the day before and told him that I expected that he did the same. He told me that he had not looked me up on facebook, but he did google me and found a "very interesting family blog." He went on to tell me that I do not post enough and that it seems my sister is really into fixing up her house. I found this hilarious, and started to tell him the story of how outsiders have been reading the blog because of email alerts that get sent when you type key words like William Jewell College... his response? "Yeah, I know. You blogged about that."

Internet dating just isn't what it used to be...

Pics of the apartment to come... eventually. Or you can just come visit me...St Louis is awesome.

Im getting another cat. Don't tell Stella, she's going to flip out.


  1. He's probably reading this right now... I've been wanting to show 30-year-old the log, but I already blogged about him (see pancakes), so it might be weird. I dunno... What do you think, Sara's date?

  2. And now he knows you are a cat lady.