Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh hey pretty blog...

The blog looks good! but not as good as Stella. She is so damn cute.

Anycrap, I feel a little odd writing about my life on a blog, mainly because I do nothing but work and watch my friends get engaged. Here are some updates on my exciting life....

-I am sad for Sandra Bullock
-I had last weekend off. I spent Saturday evening drinking martinis, flirting with a bartender name Casey and fist bumping Northern Iown fans for their win against KU, shouting "that tall guy on your team... he is TALL!" Martinis and I do not get along...
-Glee comes back in 3 weeks. I can not wait.
-I will most likely alway post in lists
-I think Rihannas new song "Rude Boy" is highly inappropriate, kind of disturbing, way too graphic and the best song I have ever heard. I keep singing it out loud at work and fear I may get in trouble if some one catches on to what I am signing.
-I need to take a nap
-My family should move to Kansas City
-Buzz Aldrich cant dance. Like at all
-I am totally team Jacob.


  1. Way to support Northern Iowa!!! I can't wait for GLEE!!!! I am team Jacob...Pullen! Go CATS!

  2. Buzz sucks at dancing, but Pam rocks. She made me feel like I was listening to that Rihanna song, but with my eyes. I liked it a lot.

  3. Sara - want to hang out Easter weekend? Speaking of someone with no life, here is an update on my Easter weekend...
    - Kyle will be in Indy for the final 4 after K-State wins tomorrow.
    - Mom and Jessica will be in Waco together. They keep telling me I'm busy that weekend so I can't go. For the life of me I don't know what they are talking about. I think they don't want me to join but can't verify this.
    - Megan is comforting Rob on the loss of part of his head. I really don't know that to be true. But I can never pass on a call back to something that was really funny.
    - That leaves you. You are so lucky. If you are smart you will claim you are joining mom and Jessica or quickly find a boyfriend that has something cut out of his head.
    - I might post in lists for now on.