Thursday, April 1, 2010

What makes dad happy

I played in the Terradyne Men's Golf League last night for the first time ever. It cost me $20 to play the game for that evening and I had no idea what the game was or how anyone would win. I played terrible the first two holes. I then played great for the next 7. I actually birdied hole number 1 with a putt that was about 10 yards off the green to a flag that was tucked behind the sandtrap (Kyle is excited right now). The weather was nice. The guys in my group were really friendly. We even had a beer together afterwards and the beer was very cold and great tasting (Stella on tap). I had convinced myself I was never going to play in the men's league again even with all the positives. Partly because I played terrible for two holes. But mostly because it cost $20 and I hate handing someone money and not knowing what I'm getting in return (if you doubt this call me when I'm doing my tax return). And then the pro walked up to me in the bar and told me I had won one of the bets and he handed me $95. I don't know for sure how I won or why I won. I do know I will be playing again next Wednesday.

I love men's league.

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