Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Mom's in Waco with me!!
It's so exciting! Last night we watched Fame as I worked on my magazine.
And right now, at 10 in the morning, I'm working on my magazine as mom does school work (and Courtney is updating her google calendar with the softball schedule--she made the BAYLOR SOFTBALL TEAM!!).
We're just a really active bunch right now. But we'll probably spend some time this afternoon going to the zoo and shopping!! Good thing you decided to join the men's league, dad. Earn some extra cash just in time for me to get new things! :)
Hope you all have a good Easter. Megan, I bet you could find some tricky egg hiding spots with all those holes in the wall.


  1. You have my permission to spend all $75 of my winnings on meals this weekend. Any money left over can go to clothes.

  2. Dad- Is that $75 per child, or do we have to split it 4 ways?? If so, Jessica- What is 75 divided by 4?

  3. To make the math easy we'll round up to $80 and all four of you can knock yourself out with your $20 share.