Monday, May 2, 2011

Exciting 3 days for the parents

Being the good husband that I am, I bought your mom a new lawnmower Saturday morning. And I captured the special moment of her first trip around the yard....

Saturday night, we went to the James Taylor concert. Along with everyone in Wichita over the age of 50 and one 4 year old. Guess where she sat? Even with her kicking the back of our seats through the first half of the show, it was a great evening and here is a pic from our seats.

You'll have to take my word for it. That is James Taylor and the seats were awesome.

And then tonight, the biggest event of them all. Mom received the Golden Apple award for being the best teacher at her school. That makes 3 Apples won for teaching excellence in our household. I have zero. You do the math.



  1. YAY MOM!!! That is so exciting!! I would call you right now, but 1) its late 2) I cant sit up or lift anything. Damn you Demond.

  2. Screw the apples--
    Mom's trip around the yard with the new mower: 1
    Dad's trip around the yard with the new mower: 0 (I think you're still winning)

  3. Mom- Yeah! Congrats!!! We don't have an apple award, but I haven't been fired yet so that's something.

    Dad- What did you do with the old mower? Also, don't read the rest of this post.

    Jessica- Damond is the new guy Sara's been dating, that's why it's hard for her to sit :)

  4. Papa Reynolds, you always seem to attract the BEST people to sit around at venues (let's not forget about your geezer friend)

    Megan-you just made my night!! I think if I were a few years older and lived in Nebraska we would be friends:)

  5. I thought about putting 'best friends' but I think we both know what jessica's temper is like ;) so I'll just stick with friends...