Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update from the bathroom

23 years old and severe weather still frightens me.

Last night, storms ripped across the Central Texas area. Our weatherman kept interrupting Biggest Loser to bring updates--I immediately become scared. So, knowing how mom is able to fix everything, I give her a call and ask her what to do. (Insert the story about me telling grandpa he should call mom to tell us where the car is in the parking lot). She tells me the proper precautions to take...
Meanwhile, my roommate Nikki had just gotten done eating at a Mexican restaurant. They make these margaritas that are ridiculously strong and incredibly good. Having just had two 'ritas, tipsy Nikki returns home and as the sirens sounded, we stockpiled ourselves in the bathroom.

As you can see, I'm scared and she's tipsy.
The good thing about having tipsy Nikki in the room is she made it more funny than frightening. In fact, I believe after this photo was taken she said "It's a good thing we're in here, I may throw up." She was also brave enough to leave the bathroom to ensure we had all the essentials: flashlights, candles, lighter, pizza, cake, DDP and Vodka. Boy were we prepared.
We had also turned the tv up very loud to hear updates. Our meteorologist said that putting football or bike helmets on your children was a good idea to keep their heads safe. I remembered that I had my bike helmet inside, so... I kept myself safe.

Still terrified, and she's still tipsy.
We stayed in the bathroom for probably 30 minutes.
There was no tornado.

And I would like to conclude by saying that just because I'm from Kansas does NOT mean that I'm immune from tornadoes. People kept telling me I had no reason to worry because I'm from Kansas. All the more reason to be scared, I say. I've seen what tornadoes do. And they scare me. The end.


  1. The twitter updates were hilarious!!

  2. She looks more annoyed than tipsy in the 2nd pic. Maybe she wanted a helmet?

  3. I offered. But we decided I should be the one to live... That may have been the alcohol talking in her though.