Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paul Jarvis

The man mentioned above is Sara's future lover. He is one of my favorite people in the world and they would get along so well.

I was recently named to the position of Student Opportunity Award Chairman. This means that I will be chairing the committee that reviews the applications of students who need money that is raised during the K-State Proud campaign. I have told you all about the campaign before, but now I have direct contact with the people who receive those awards. It is the coolest opportunity I have ever had.

I was asked to give a student profile a while back for the K-State website. They recently posted the new profiles on the website. Click here to view my profile!!!

Life is great! I have been given a lot of awesome opportunities here at K-State and I couldn't be happier!

Look up Paul Jarvis on Facebook. Sara and he will fall in love in a week or so.



  1. Hokay. He's way cute. Hook them up!! But how old is he??

  2. Probably 23ish. He was in the 5 year masters program for architecture. So he is your age Jessica...sorry, but he is from St. Louis so it just made sense for Sara to have him.