Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer in One Post

So since I suck at giving timely posts, I am giving you my whole summer post at one time. I will do bullet points and expand on exciting things.
  • I finished my semester and I have good enough grades to go back. The bad thing is my English teacher refused to move my 89.4% to an A. I was so mad at her. She will get an evil eye if I see her on campus this semester.
  • I was an intern at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita. I had a great time. It was very similar to my volunteer work with them in High School, but I had more say in what happened. I really enjoy helping with youth groups, I may try to find one to help out with in Manhattan.
  • I turned 20, which means nothing. It wasn't too depressing.
  • I threw an InDIPendence day party for the 4th of July. People brought different types of dip. Dip parties rock. Everyone loved it.
  • I went to camp for a week. It was AWESOME, literally it was called Camp Awesome. It actually turned out awesome. Plus my awesome team won Camp Champs. Which means over 4 years I have gotten 2nd place 3 years and 1st place one year. A pretty good average in my opinion.
  • I went to Branson. Branson is weird. I visited Brad, my best friend that I met at K-State. He worked at Kanakuk. Kanakuk isn't weird. It is in Branson, which makes it a little sketch.
  • My friends and I jumped on a trampoline for 24 hours. It was awesome. One person was jumping at all times for 24 hours. We randomly had the idea and decided to run with it. The only negative was the 110 degree heat. It was pretty bad. One of the biggest accomplishments of my life though. I even got a t-shirt!!!
Lastly, I went to Manhattan to work on my room. We had to renovate our house to meet fire code. Our first floor rooms used to be double level rooms but they didn't meet fire code, so we had to make them look good for being so small. I have picture of the before and after. SEE BELOW.

Post Destruction and Pre Renovation

The finished product!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun summer! Your room looks good. Did you start school already?

  2. I start tomorrow. I don't really want to, but it will give me something to do.