Monday, August 30, 2010

I waited all summer for this...?

My life the past two-ish weeks:

So, Aug. 10 (about 2 p.m.) I get an e-mail about a Part Time Web Producer position opening at KCEN HD News. I decide to apply. Thirty minutes later, the News Director callas me and has an initial phone interview. He then asks me to come in to the station for an official interview at 4 p.m. I go and chat with him for about 15 minutes. The next day, he offers me a job as a part time Web Producer.

Meanwhile, my friend Nikki calls and asks me if I want to look at apartments. Having just gotten a job, I decide that I will live with her and say "yes!" On Aug. 12, we look at apartments and find one we love. On Aug. 13 we move in.

Meanwhile, I had agreed to build a football program for a local Catholic high school. Friday, I was working with the head lady on the program and gathering all the materials I would need in order to complete it this weekend. She makes a joke about how she hopes I don't have a social life or a boyfriend since I'm gonna be spending my whole weekend on the program. I tell her no, I don't have a boyfriend and she says she will set me up. After asking for my criteria, she opens an old football program and points to one of the assistant coaches. He was pretty cute. I say yes, hook me up with that one. She said she'll introduce us at one of the games. I'm praying she wasn't just saying that because I would really like to talk to a boy... It's been awhile. (I use the word "talk" loosely).

Meanwhile, Aug. 16 I began training for my job. I trained that Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The next Monday was my first day on the job on my own. Late in the afternoon my boss calls me in to see if I've heard about the weekend News Producer position that is open. I say no, and he asks if I'd be interested. "Of course," I say. So, I shadow a night producer that Wednesday and resume work on Friday as usual. Today, he calls me in and HIRES ME FULL TIME!! I will be the weekend News Producer (working 1:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.) and then work 3 9-hour shifts during the week doing other random things. They are going to begin looking for my replacement for the Web Producer position. I will get a SALARY and BENEFITS!! WHAT?! I have never even taken a broadcasting class before... hahaha. Basically, I am writing everything the anchors say, in addition to some stories, organizing the line up of the show and making sure everyone stays within their allotted time. It's gonna be so cool!!!

Meanwhile, my car completely died. Engine fried. And I had to get a new one. But I found a car that is the exact same model (one year older) but with some extra features (moonroof and 6-disc changer), half the miles, they sold it to us for way cheap and it's blue! And now that I have my new job, I can start paying it off!!

Crazy how you spend 5 months trying to figure things out and they all fall together in a mere three weeks.

(Also, sorry I'm posting this on the blog and didn't call most of you about these epic events).

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  1. You go talk to those boys Jessica. Talk talk talk!!!