Wednesday, June 16, 2010

French Fries and William Jewell College

Watch the above link. You may be thinking, "Man. That campus in this commercial is the most beautiful campus I have ever seen in my entire life. That must be the best school in the entire world as it is used in a national McDonalds campaign. I wish I would have been cool enough to go to that school."

Let me clarify a few things, now that you have seen the most amazing commercial ever.

2) You are not allowed to park on the bricks in front of Semple (they edited some sorority letters in, but its Semple, where I lived Junior year.) That guy is breaking the rules by doing that. Security will ticket you.
3) You cant get to the top of that building by cute stairs... you have to go to the top floor girls restroom and climb through a window.
4) There are no Latino people at William Jewell College.


  1. so, so true :) And it is the prettiest quad in all the land....

  2. That is pretty awesome Sara. While we are talking about colleges being focused on in national ads, here is an advertisement for the movie Friday Night Lights and the street they are driving down in the beginning is Manhattan KS. It is one of our claims to fame.

  3. aaaamazing. simply amazig. and i mean your post. the commercial was pretty rad too.

  4. That commercial is so cute! Go WJC!!! Dad- Sara is not latino, she is a black man.

  5. She is a black man. She smells good.

    And Megan is the Latino. But it's easy to get them confused--you know, identical twins and all.

  6. Excuse you Jessica, I don't know if you heard Grandma at your grad party but Megan and Sara are NOT identical. Whoever has been telling them that has been lying!