Monday, June 28, 2010

Enrique Iglesias

After realizing after my last post that typing certain words in my blog trigger google alerts, (oh hey William Jewell College admission staff,) I have decided it will be exciting to title each post something different to bring new crowds to our blog. Enter Enrique.

I just finished a week long vacay and man does it suck to go back to work. I spent the week basking in the cool air in my home, (after 3 weeks without,) getting ready for my roommate to move in and hanging out with friends. Since it was also my birthday week, I set a personal goal to try to make it the whole week without paying for a meal. I am proud to say that other than a dinner on Friday I succeeded.

Marilyn moved in this weekend too, and we are having a great time getting organized and trying to make our animals get along. So far, they don't like each other much, but we are confident with time they will become BFFs.

The house is really coming along too! Marilyn has a cute smaller dinning room table that we put in place of the old one and thanks to my sweet sister Jessica I bought a cute new chair at Peir One. She also got me some awesome magnets... you will have to come to my house to see them... and be over 18 years old.

Pics of the house soon to come! We still have some boxes to unpack!

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