Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Like sister, like sister, like sister

I got a cat.

Kind of.

Mallory, my new roommate, is in my sorority. Well, one of our sorority sisters had gotten a cat about six years ago. However, she is moving home with her parents, and they won't let her bring the cat. So, she sought out people to take the cat for her.

We took it.

Technically, I will say the cat is Mallory's. But secretly, I think the cat likes me best, as he sleeps on my bed every night. But I will also admit this is because I have a soft blanket on the foot of my bed that he's obsessed with.

I say "he," but we have a hard time believing the cat is a boy--and we've tried checking. But it should be said that the cat is VERY fat. His name is Cleo (right??), but we think we're renaming him Guido--because he's a big juicehead and spends the whole night going from my room to Mallory's and back again, the manwhore.

I'd post pictures, but I don't have any yet. Don't worry, I'll get some soon. His cutest quality is that he insists upon laying on your neck and putting his face very much in your face. It's kind of cute.

I kind of love cats.