Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 5 with our adopted family living in the basement

Last night I decided to take the two kids to DQ on my own. First let me point out there is a lot you forget about children after your own kids have grown. Second, I should point out that I have absolutely no concern about spoiling these two kids, and won't even come close to disciplining them.

We get to DQ and the 4 year old sees someone with a dipped cone. I know she shouldn't have a dipped cone. She knew she shouldn't have a dipped cone. But I think she figured out quickly I wasn't going to say no, so she got a cherry dipped cone. I got her 2 year old brother a small dish of ice cream.

When I returned to the table with the dipped cone and small dish of ice cream, the 2 year old pointed at the cone and grunted "tha tha tha" which I think meant he wanted one too. He then proceeded to turn around, put his head on the bench and started to cry. So given the two points made above, I quickly went to the counter and ordered a second dipped cone.

When I returned to the table with the cone, the 2 year old pointed at it and screamed "NOOOOOOOO". I looked at the 4 year old (she translates for me) and she informed me she had given him a taste while I was away and he doesn't like it. So I had a blizzard and dipped cone while the 2 year old ate his dish of ice cream and the 4 year old ate her cone.

It was fun. Don't ever send your kids to me for discipline.


  1. 1. Don't blame your ice cream indulgences on a two-year-old. :)
    2. Megan, think about how weird your kids will be...