Monday, October 25, 2010

Road Trip

This past weekend I went to visit Jessica in Waco because my K-State Wildcats were playing her Baylor Bears. It was great to see Jessica and be in Waco, but I will let her talk about the whole football game.

This week is Homecoming week at K-State. I didn't do anything with Homecoming last year, but now that I am Greek I have to participate. I performed in Pant the Chant tonight. Pant the Chant is a stomp and chant routine. We did a really good job and if we place, then it gives us a good chance of doing well in Homecoming. If I find a video performance of Pant the Chant, I will post it.

I am really excited for my Thanksgiving break because it is from Nov 19-28! It is so long and will include two K-State basketball games, with one game possibly being a matchup between #3 KSU and #1 Duke! It will be so fun!

I am on two volleyball teams. I formed my Co-Ed volleyball team, Spiketacular, again from last year. We went 2-3 last year and missed the playoffs. This year we have only asked the best players back and made our team smaller. Our opponent didn't show up to our first game so we are 1-0 and only need 1 more win to make the playoffs. We look really good though. My other team is Delta Sig's house volleyball team. I don't know how good we will be, but our first game is tomorrow!

That is a small update from my world.

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