Friday, July 23, 2010

GaGa oooh LaLa

This conversation seriously just happened:

Dad: Lady Gaga is in town, why aren't we going to that?
Me: Yeah, I think it was last night.
Dad: She's here two nights.
Me: Oh.
Dad saying something about asking mom if she wants to go. Mom saying yes, if we can find tickets for under $100.
Me: I'm surprised you know who Lady GaGa is.
Dad: She was a featured artist on Glee, wasn't she? If she's on Glee, we know who she is.

Our parents are soooo cool.


  1. I want to go!! Have fun!

  2. There is NO WAY you will find tickets under 100 dollars

  3. a few minutes before this ,we were ambushed with his Lady Gaga "dance moves" in the hallway...

  4. She was on Ellen too.

    And my "dance moves" were a warm up for the wedding. I just hope we can karaoke to Lady Gaga.

    And for those that won't be able to make the wedding, my "dance moves" were me hopping forward on both feet, hips thrusting, shoulders thrown back and hands making little grabbing moves. It was gagalishish.

  5. Dad- Yes, you can karaoke to Gaga if the dance moves are included.

    Courtney- Next time he does "dance moves" in the hallway just blow dart him.